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CoolSculpting Results: Bye-Bye Bulge

Tummy Bulge.  Many of us have it.  Sometimes it’s large.  Sometimes the bulge is small. But bulge is bulge.  And no matter the size, we see it, feel it, and usually don’t befriend it.  I tried.  I’m 43, I thought.  … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks: 6 Texas Small Businesses Reveal Biggest Blessings of 2017

If someone were to ask you to reflect on what you think have been your three biggest blessings in 2017, how might you respond?  Would you have trouble limiting it to three?  Would you answer quickly with the first thoughts … Continue reading

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Local Businesses Step Up In the Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

I have never been so proud to partner with local businesses, Texans, and organizations. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the one-two punch he threw Texas, businesses big and small are banding together to fight back.  It’s as if … Continue reading

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Freezing My Fat Never Sounded So Good: CoolSculpting The Procedure (And First Few Days After)

The news, as it was told to me, is that I have enough fat to freeze.  Maybe it was the pretty and comfortable surroundings at Sonterra Dermatology or how just the right amount of natural light seemed to pour through the 2nd story office window at my CoolSculpting consultation, but I somehow didn’t mind when Daniella, Dr. Annabelle Garcia’s kind and compassionate PA, grabbed a hold of my belly with a good solid pinch. The test was simple and I passed with flying colors.  I had “pinch-able” fat in my lower abdomen area. Yay me. Continue reading

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Behind The Brand: Savvy Media Welcomes Elite Basketball Trainer David “DJ” Jones and Holly Tucker Country Music Artist

Savvy Media is proud to welcome two of the most interesting people … (Cue ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ commercial) Okay, so, maybe they’re not astute James Bond-like characters who claim to have once won a staring contest … Continue reading

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Putting 4 Pops Helps Dads With Cancer Face Financial Burdens

Blog written by Erin Kirwan for Putting 4 Pops Almost everyone is affected by cancer in some way at some point.  At 42, I have watched my fair share of people battle cancer.  Sadly, I have lost friends, grandparents, and … Continue reading

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Hot Meds: 10 Medications Affected By Extreme Heat

“Mom, is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk?” “Yes,” I replied, wondering whether this question was more rhetorical, or, whether my 9-year-old daughter was really looking to try frying that egg. As we head into July in … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind Medical Clinical Trials

I haven’t really ever had any real-life experience with clinical trials for a new drug or medical treatment.  I have had family friends, usually those undergoing a condition where current treatment wasn’t as effective as hoped, try them.  In one … Continue reading

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Prince’s Death, Pain Management, and Pain Meds: Insight with Dr. Stephen Dinger, D.O.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Prince and his untimely passing.  Actually, it’s pretty hard to not think about the legendary artist, as tributes to him and covers of Purple Rain blanket social media and internet (this one’s my … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Momprenuer: Four Women Whose Role As ‘Mom’ Boosts Business

Today, I am inspired by the out-pouring of  Mother’s Day posts, shout-outs to moms and mother-figures, and words of affection coupled with photographs, sprinkled around social media like pops of colorful confetti. As a mom of three children and a … Continue reading

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