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Welcome to {SAVVY}BUZZ!  This is truly a happy place for me, a place where I get to go into writing overtime,  sharing stories.   It’s where you’ll find savvy tips from some of San Antonio’s leading experts in areas like fitness, fashion, beauty, parenting, and more.  It’s a little news and a lotta lifestyle talk to keep you in the know or maybe even change your life!  At the very least, I hope to make it a lot more interesting.

You know that feeling – kinda like the one you get when you discover you have three more dollars than expected left on a Starbucks gift card …  I get that kind of giddy because I also get to {BUZZ} on here too about personal stuff – the nitty-gritty that defines me and my life as a broadcast journalist turned wife and stay at home mom of three turned work from home owner of a boutique public relations company.

 I’ve always seen the world around me as millions of stories waiting to be shared.  Reading about trials and tribulations, successes and failures, ideas and lessons learned inspire me.  I can’t look at someone and not wonder who they are, what they do, and where they’ve been.   Sometimes that can get me into trouble.  As my husband will tell you, I’ll talk to anyone, anywhere.   But most of the time, I’ve found that people enjoy sharing their stories, and I have been privileged to get to tell them.

I’m glad you’re here, and, I hope you stay, as we become together, a little more, savvy.

    A few little facts about me … 

  1.  In my “first career”  I was a TV news anchor, reporter,  and, producer!   I even interned at ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’ when it was ‘Live with Regis and Kathie Lee’. Yes, I’m THAT old.  Curious?  Want to laugh?  Check me out here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2an1Lug7uwU
  2. I’m a twin mom! It’s the coolest thing ever, and toughest thing too!   Hence, my sudden leap to a “second career”  in 2003 as,  full-time mom.
  3. Two of my favorite things: My 3 children &  my cameras!  I dabble in photography and almost always have my video camera with me.  I am fearful of not capturing one of those moments you’ll never get back.  Here are the twins and my daughter during  a photo shoot BY MOM in which they were NOT allowed to utter a single complaint about having to sit still and smile. (My Mother’s Day gift, BTW).

group Mother's DAy

4.   I love children and teaching.  My parents are retired educators, and I considered becoming a teacher more than once.

5.   I’m from Delaware.  I may be the first person you have met from this tiny state!

6.  I  actually went on 3 dates, in high school, with my husband.  However, we didn’t  fall in love until 9 years later …  half way across the country in Omaha, Nebraska.     He saw me anchoring the morning news, called the station, and the rest is history …

7.   I love dogs.  Cats freak me out.   Meet, “Coco” our Border Collie/Greyhound mix   (we think) rescue.  She’s our 4th child and completes our family!

IMG_8309 8.  One of the women (in addition to my mom) that I admire most on this earth is my 91-year-old grandmother, Mary. She was a woman ahead of her own time.  She was bold &  brazen, sometimes to her own detriment.  She is now living in a world shadowed by Alzheimer’s.

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