Celebrating the Momprenuer: Four Women Whose Role As ‘Mom’ Boosts Business

Today, I am inspired by the out-pouring of  Mother’s Day posts, shout-outs to moms and mother-figures, and words of affection coupled with photographs, sprinkled around social media like pops of colorful confetti.

As a mom of three children and a media marketing professional, I can’t help but feel such admiration for my Savvy clients who also adorn the title of “Mom” boldly and proudly.

On this day following Mother’s Day, I celebrate four women whose role as ‘Mom’ impacts their businesses in a big way:

13076937_864637326997696_2482487933925880000_nLisa Sinn, Owner/Broker Lisa Sinn Real Estate | Mom to Zoe (9), Landon (7), and Hunter (2)

I’m pretty sure when the Energizer Battery executives conceptualized its ad campaign for a bunny that keeps going and going and going … they had Lisa Sinn, Owner of Lisa Sinn Real Estate and mom to three young children, in mind.  Lisa is equal parts realtor and mom and never fails to impress when it comes to attaining such balance between her professional and personal lives.  As Stone Oak’s Top Producer for 2015 and a consistent Top 50 Realtor, Lisa works tirelessly to ensure her clients achieve their real estate dreams comfortably and affordably.

When she is not helping with a relocation, Lisa can be found volunteering at her children’s elementary school because, she says, in addition to allowing her to be close to her children, she gains insight into San Antonio’s schools – something important to so many of her clients.



“Being a mom helps me relate – especially to sellers – who struggle with listing their home with small kids.  Having three kids myself who are always into something, I have first-hand expertise staging and de-cluttering a family’s home while keeping it functional too.  I work hard to convey to a family that kids running around as we try to plan or talk – is okay.   Families inspire me. ”



Dr. Patricia Gomez Dinger, Advanced Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Center, PA | Mom to Mykenna & Makalyn (10) and Nathan (8)

Dr. Patricia Gomez Dinger can be seen including her children often among her Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology practice. They created a Looming For Pets charity that Dr. Dinger allows them to showcase in her front office, and, they could be found often this last year out in the community, helping Dr. Dinger promote Food Allergy Awareness.IMG_6254

And for good reason –  because one of the messages Dr. Dinger aims to communicate to her patients is that she treats them with the same interest, care, and compassion that she shows to her own children and husband.

I greatly admire how Dr. Dinger works to balance serving a large community and serving her family.  She drives them to and home from school nearly every day.  She enthusiastically cheers them on at evening and weekend sporting events all over South Texas,  and, Dr. Dinger can often be spotted on social media, flashing her contagious smile in somehow beautiful “selfies”that most of us dream of taking.   She connects with her patients, to today’s world, and, remains on top of the latest advancements in allergy and asthma treatment – a culmination of strengths of being both mom and a top-rated physician.

“Being a mom helps me empathize with parents concerned about their children’s health because I completely understand the worry or uncertainty they feel as parents.  Also, I often hear moms apologize when their child or siblings are “extra active” in the exam room.  I ensure them that I have been where they are and can remain focused on diagnosis and treatment despite any distraction.  I think that’s a trait we all inherit when we become mothers!  As a mom and physician, I also love running into my patient families outside the office at school functions, sports games, art classes, and more.  I feel blessed to be a physician mom!”IMG_0998



Theresa Naramore and Cheryl Green of Twin Sisters Interiors | Mom to Ava (5) and Luke (4), and, Mom to Tyler (11) and Logan (9).

Theresa Naramore and Cheryl Green, twins sisters and Owners of the boutique design and decorating firm, Twin Sisters Interiors, credit their children for a large number of their design inspirations!

One peak inside Theresa Naramore’s North Central San Antonio home and you see how modern design can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional for raising two small children and caring for two large rescue dogs!  Her house boasts of materials that hold up to kids.IMG_2748

“Let’s be real: It’s not always easy! Being a mompreneur is a delicate balance and I work to maintain that balance, constantly.  There have even been times where I have had to bring my son or daughter with me while meeting with a client.  Thankfully, my clients embrace my little “assistants” and my passion for motherhood –  in large, because it is the same passion that I pour into design projects.”

When you meet Cheryl, Theresa’s sister, you are reminded how having sons, can foster strength and endurance. Cheryl masters huge commercial decorating projects, single-handedly.  IMG_2750

“Being a mom enhances my ability to multi-task!  Motherhood has made me a stronger woman yet allows me to be vulnerable when necessary ,which can add to the emotion and feeling that go hand in hand with design projects that are true reflections of our clients.”





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